They tried and approved our services! Our Interview with Thomas Barrandon

They tried and approved our services! Our Interview with Thomas Barrandon

Jun 22, 2022


We went to meet Thomas Barrandon, a talented musician who began his career in 2007 by composing 8bit rhythms. This lover of genre films, pop culture and video games released a 14-track compilation with Diggers Factory under the name Constant Motion.

Thomas Barrandon used our pre-order platform to finance the production of his records and agreed to answer our questions about his experience with Diggers Factory.

Can you present your career as an artist and your vinyl project?

My name is Thomas, I have been composing electronic music since I was 16. I am a big fan of cinema, especially genre films of the 70s/80s. Carpenter, the Globlins, Wendy Carlos, Moroder, Vangelis, Tangerine Dream are names that have shaped my musical culture. They pushed me to develop my anachronistic, spatial and melancholic style. My listeners have been asking me to put my tracks on vinyl for several years.

So I launched a project on the Diggers Factory platform to celebrate the 10th anniversary of my first album released under a label in 2011.

How could Diggers help you with your vinyl project?

Diggers Factory offers a simple tool to build your project. You’ll be able to personalize your vinyl and find how to balance the options to deliver a quality product to your public. Content for communication and advice are also offered to ensure the success of the project. Finally, I was looking for an easier way to send this project to the American continent. On this point too Diggers Factory has greatly facilitated things.

What are the strengths and advantages of Diggers in your opinion?

The great strength of Diggers Factory is the very warm contact with the teams. There were a lot of discussions to make the project a reality. They are always very open and go out of their way to make your project a success. The complete transparency they offer during the process really makes you feel like you have the situation under control.

Why, and for whom would you recommend Diggers Factory?

The important thing for me was to avoid having 50 extra boxes of vinyl and to have produced them at a loss. For small structures, the financial risk is significant.

In my opinion, vinyl is a special object, almost a collector's item, a little against the grain of our streaming era.

For that reason, Diggers Factory’s funding solution quickly allows all types of musicians to measure the interest of their audience for this kind of support. In the end, they ensure security while offering a beautiful and rare object to our community.


Something to add? 😊

Go for it! The wait was a bit "long" (because of Covid) to receive my orders, but frankly it's a detail when you see the print quality of the cover (really sublime) and that of the pressing. For my part, I will restart the machine soon!

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