Jun 7, 2022

Daddy's Day is coming but a question remains unanswered : what can I offer ? Too old for a drawing, but not yet able to afford a "Lambo"? Follow the guide !

The custom solution

You're indecisive? Your Daddy didn't give any clue? You prefer to let him choose? We have the solution : With Diggers Vinyl Box your Daddy Cool will be able to choose his own vinyl records ! Every month, his selection will be delivered to his home with goodies and surprises... all that without any effort.

For this occasion, we offer you 20% off on your subscriptions and on all the Father's Day selection with the code COOLDAD20


Since our cool daddies are all different, we've categorized our gift ideas by daddy type...

The Jazzy Poppy

Let's begin by Miles Davis's record.
It's THE gift that any Jazz lover would want ! He'll find the classics of the trumpet player as well as a lot of anecdotes of his life ! All this in a limited box set.


We stay in the same register with the Master of Jazz of the great Ray Charles where we find the greatest pieces of the pianist and singer...


To finish with this Jazzy Poppy, what's better than swinging on Peggy Lee's Fever song ? Peggy Lee is one of he most talented singer of her generation. Known all over the world, she captivates all of us, your Daddy too !


The Movie Lover

Did your dad watch all the classics and pass on his love of cinema (or not)? This is the opportunity to make him live his great years again with the official soundtracks of his favorite movies !

Take him to the Arabian Peninsula, with the soundtrack of Maurice Jarre's movie Lawrence of Arabia considered as one of the jewel of the British cinema !


If "Lawrence of Arabia" is not his cup of tea, let him vibrate on the memorable tracks of the Godfather. A must-have in every movie buff's collection! And a novice villain ...


If your dad is more into Wild West, action movies and bad guys, Ennio Morricone's soundtrack is made for him. Between The Untouchables, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, or Once Upon a Time in America, all the composer's masterpieces are there.


The Old "François"

Is your dad the Sweet Old time type? Great! As we are also very proud of our roots, we offer you some French variety on the menu but also good stories with the vinyl stories of the great names of French music : More an Edith Piaf, and Serge Gainsbourg fan ? Perfect, we have both!



The Geek

Is he a boomer? More Star Trek than Snow White? And a bit of a geek ? That's fine, we pressed the soundtracks to his favorite movies and video games :



The Digger

If there is nothing rare enough for your daddy?
Don't worry, we've something for him ! We also have our pressings tests, limited to 5 copies of each in the world, exceptional pieces, inimitable !
Not eligible to the promo code, but not less interesting ;)


If you still can't find what you're looking for, we leave you the link to our selection right here

So, what will you give to your daddy on june 19th ?