Why the record industry needs to change

Why the record industry needs to change

Apr 14, 2022

Diggers Factory: transforming the music industry

For more than a decade now, vinyl records have been a staple among music lovers. Known for their unique sound and design, vinyl records appeal to a wide range of audiences. But if this trend galvanizes an industry in loss of speed, it does not remain without consequences. Indeed, this significant development has a profound impact on the sector, leading to dysfunctions.


Shortage of raw materials: the repercussions on production

If it delights the professionals of the sector, the explosion of the sales generates an important production of vinyl records, a production frustrated by the limited number of structures adapted to the manufacturing of this product. In the 80's, the record was forgotten, replaced by the very innovative compact disc. Little by little, the activity of the pressing factories was reduced.

Today, the trend is reversed. The pressing factories (too few in number) are unable to keep up. A dysfunction accentuated by the health crisis: the latter has led to a shortage of raw materials. The result? Longer production times and ever-rising prices.


A marketing tool?

The trend unfortunately encourages overproduction, and despite a considerable resurgence in popularity, vinyl records make up only a tiny fraction of sales. For record companies, vinyl records are becoming a marketing tool. But this approach is causing a stir: some music lovers are now criticizing the audio quality of vinyl records, which they consider insufficient.

Reserved for an elite?

According to the studies conducted, the thirtysomethings remain the privileged target of the vinyl industry. Behind this strategy is a simple explanation: vinyl records symbolize the trend, but also nostalgia. Two aspects that do not leave the thirty-year-old insensitive. Moreover, the increase in prices limits the accessibility of this audio format. Although lucrative, the vinyl record sector remains a very closed market.


Diggers Factory, a sustainable solution

At Diggers Factory, we believe that the industry needs to change. To develop the market, we encourage buyers and artists to reduce overconsumption and revalue the product. We choose quality over quantity. We therefore propose a system of participative financing: our diggers finance the artists they want. The vinyl records are thus produced in limited quantities (adapted to the demand). In this way, we commit ourselves to manufacturing less quantity, but with a higher quality. A way to be part of sustainable policies while revaluing the vinyl record.