Mar 8, 2021

Turning the tables: women in vinyl

In his novel High Fidelity (now adapted for the screen), Nick Hornby talked about " young people, nothing but men with John Lennon glasses and leather jackets, their arms loaded with square paper bags” honoring music lovers, diggers of the time, geeks of the instru... men.

Today's society has evolved as the vinyl industry rapidly grows and boundaries between genres are gradually fading. Women also buy and sell vinyl, and they do it well. They are passionate, nostalgic, romantic, melancholic... for this occasion, we honor their creativity, strength, diligence and musical talent.

Today, on International Women’s Day, the Diggers Factory team selected female artists who moved up the ladder in a male dominated vinyl industry.

Mansfield TYA

Let’s start with Rebeka Warrior and Carla Pallone, emblematic figures of feminist militancy & queer in the music industry with their label Warriors Records created in 2002 as a non-mixed label to "create a safe and soft space, to give hope".

Released only a few weeks ago, their 5th opus "Monument ordinaire" is a poetic and electronic ode to life.
"Where things were said in a more abstract way, in this record, there are no more disguises, nor metaphors: we go for the essential. We wanted to be as real as possible with our emotions, at the expense of virtuosity" they stated to France Culture!


Jacqueline Taieb

Jacqueline Taiëb, one of the most brilliant pop singer-songwriter from France, perfectly depicts her life as a young woman. The French Mademoiselle’s greatest hit “7 heures du matin” in 1967 reflects her ambitions as she fantasizes about rock and roll stars like Paul McCartney.


Chiara Civello

Born in Italy, Chiara has travelled the world from the United States to Brazil where she currently lives. According to Tony Bennett, Chiara is "the best jazz singer of her generation". She has also collaborated with the great Ana Carolina.

A little bit of bossa nova in our selection, let the melancholy embrace you as the sun shines through the window of your living room with the magnificent project Eclipse.

This project is an ode to the 70s Italian cinema: she reinterprets Michelangelo Antonioni's Eclisse Twist on a breathless rhythm, proposes an ultra-intimate version of Piero Piccioni's Amore Amore Amore and ends with Quello che conta, a Morriconian theme that she sublimates with infinite softness.



Independent American singer and songwriter, Torres became the cowboy she always wanted to embody as she sang about love and mysticism in her early albums. A folk rocker with a strong voice, she builds herself as a woman as well as an artist.


La Féline

La Féline is a progressive (French) pop act led by Paris based singer and guitarist Agnès Gayraud. She is also one of the figurehead of french pop activists’ movement La Souterraine. Delving into the intimate in a manner reminiscent of the greatest French songwriters like Anne Sylvestre or Brigitte Fontaine, La Féline channels a sort of Laurie Anderson-like universe.

Check out her contemporary album Vie future on our website!


Natacha Atlas

Natacha Atlas is an internationally-acclaimed artist with a distinctive voice. She is known for blending western and middle eastern vocal traditions with mind-blowing dexterity. Now weaving jazz traditions into her unique blend, she never fails to impress.


Jenna Camille

Singer-songwriter from Maryland, Jenna Camille blends pop, soul, R&B, funk, jazz, hip-hop and electronic music using her own unique techniques. As described by the Washington Post, her music “evokes the anything-goes apotheosis of neo-soul”.


Cat Torens

Brooklyn based award winning pianist, improviser and composer, Cat Torens uses fluid melodies to mix deep human warmth with creative fire. Her vibrant, earthy and spiritual attitude makes for an unforgettable experience.


Nina Simone

American musician and civil rights activity Nina Simone is a must!


On March 8, 2021, it is time to celebrate the impressive progress women at all levels have made. At Diggers Factory, we celebrate the many success stories and recognize all the work that remains to be done.