The return of the object when everything is digitalided

The return of the object when everything is digitalided

Aug 27, 2018

How can we explain this massive come back of the vinyl in a world made of digital music?

In a world super connected, would music lovers love to disconnect?
Find out the feeling of the object? The real test of music?


Samuel Drew-Rumoro’s record collection, animated by Dora Wednesday

"In the good old days" the front cover was a central element of the artistic process of the creation of an album.
So important that a lot of artists, designers, painters ... worked on it as a real challenge: how to get all the emotion of the music in one image ! From Andy Warhol to Keith Haring, most of the big names have tried themselves in this really difficult exercise.



But today, what is the digital proposition ? Delivering a stamp ? A virtual image on a screen? Where is the visual emotion of the music?

About the sound now, the answer from the digital is compressed files when at the beggining the artist or producer choose his instruments, his machines, the right plug, find the right studio to record, another one for the mastering to give the real color of his sound.

It's clear now that in terms of sound, visual and packaging, the vinyl which was outdated because of financial targets from the major is back and is STILL the best way to listen music. Now it's the symbol of a way of life, including record player design, furniture design which become real pieces of design in your living room !


Why Vinyl Matters: A Manifesto from Musicians and Fans by Jennifer Otter Bickerdike

Add to this matter of fact the hip hop culture with scratch, the techno culture with 12" or the real authentic sound of Billy Holiday first issue, and you will easily understand that vinyl will never disappear because it represent a state of mind, a culture, a way of life and the authentic luxury of music which can be shared by everybody.