CLRCASE: A cool new way to display vinyl records

CLRCASE: A cool new way to display vinyl records

May 15, 2018

Wanna show off your vinyl collection?

Of course you do.

Whether you’re new to collecting or a lifelong crate digger, CLRCASE frames offer a crystal clear view of records and covers, protects from damage and dust, and offers easy access to play vinyl in seconds.


Showcase your records everywhere in your house.

The inventor of CLRCASE, vinyl enthusiast Adam Kawasawa, came up with the idea in 2012 when searching for a display option for his own extensive record collection. Tired of the inconvenience and damage caused by traditional frames, he began prototyping a solution for vinyl lovers everywhere beginning in 2014.
After nine prototypes, the final version of CLRCASE launched internationally on Kickstarter on May.


Easy access to play vinyl in seconds.

Frame-free and versatile, CLRCASE is set apart by its patent-pending spindle adaptor, which allows users to effortlessly switch between displaying records and record covers. The easy release tabs keep vinyl quickly within reach, so records can travel from wall to turntable in seconds. It can also be conveniently affixed to most surfaces so that you can display your records everywhere.


Available in Satin White & Satin Black color ways.

“Record lovers appreciate quality and a tactile experience, and that's what CLRCASE celebrates,” says Adam, “I felt it was important to make a record display case that showcases the craftsmanship of vinyl, while keeping it fun and simple to operate, at a price point that’s relatively affordable.”

CLRCASE is available in Satin White & Satin Black color ways!