A turntable and subscriptions to our Vinyl Box to win!

A turntable and subscriptions to our Vinyl Box to win!

Dec 2, 2020

This year, we have a ton of gifts in store just for you! Every day brings us closer to the holidays and we are reminded of our childhood. We prepared for you the best surprises such as a beautiful Project’s turntable, three 3-month subscriptions to our Vinyl Box and 6 records from our website to win. What else could you ask for ?

How can I apply for the contest ?

To participate in our contest and have the opportunity to win a turntable, a subscription to our Box or a record from our website, you simply have to create an account on Diggers Factory.

First prize (Winner)

The Essential III HP Project’s turntable (price with taxes 449€) is a minimalist and elegant masterpiece. Built with solid material, it will provide a top-notch sound quality when playing your records. It will be delivered already assembled and with every equipment necessary.


Second Prize (rank 2 to 4)

The Vinyl Box is the perfect gift to enrich your record collection with collectibles pieces and limited editions. It includes films’ soundtracks, traditional French references and some indie gems. The best part, you can choose any record you want to listen to every month! And it comes with gifts…


Third prize (rank 5 to 10)

Don’t worry, if you missed your chance to win the turntable or one of the Vinyl Box’s subscription, you can still go home with the record of your choice. All you have to do is dig your dream-record on our website. 6 records are to win.


Contest rules

Click here to access contest's conditions.