Interview Marina Trench X Diggers Factory

Interview Marina Trench X Diggers Factory

Oct 22, 2020

When did you start getting interested in music ?

As far as I can remember, I always had a special connection with music. Since childhood I have my own space for music, a dedicated bubble to take care of myself. I feel safe, almost intoxicated in it because of all the emotion it causes. When I was younger, during my studies, I was already buying and mixing a lot of records. It was just a friend business at first, we would do it just for fun. This is when I had my first experience as a DJ - my first clubs warm-ups, my first times performing in front of an audience etc…- I started getting really invested into music once I graduated from my design degree though. This is when things got serious.


You have earned the nickname “ The priestess” of the vinyl dj sets. Where do you get that passion from ?

Priestess is maybe a bit strong :) I do give a lot of importance to records, I’ll admit. I think records are part of the deepest piece of my identity. I can’t let them go regardless of their natural “inconvenients” attached to their format, their price and the fact that most people don’t care if you are playing with records or digital music in clubs. Their weight is also quite a pain in the neck when travelling - Beyond my personal fondness for them, records is an object that speaks for itself, that carries the universal history and culture of music and djs.

Your two last EPs “Signature, pt.1 & 2 “ helps you make your big break. You delivered remixes of big names such as Dj Deep, Roman Poncet, Hugo LX or the immensely talented Kerri Chandler. Can you walk us through your remix process please ?
It was all about exchanging with the label once the EPs were done. DJ Deep came remixes that were matching perfectly with my music and his label. Thoses remixes add a very particular value to both of my EPs because they are my first releases ever. Imagine how happy I was.


And what about your last EP “Waterside” ?

“Waterside” is a 4-track EP that was released on Wolf Music Recording, an English music label at the beginning of 2020. It’s 100% DIY and really diversified. I wanted to explore new things like using my voice to create vocal samples. I really enjoyed composing those two EPs and Matt and Stu from the label were super helpful :) It was a great experience.

Any future projects you are working on right now ?

I did a remix of an artist that I love, Juliano, and it will be very soon released on the Berliner label Paloma. The other artists featured on the release are the real deal . This is a super cool project and I’m so pleased to be part of it. I just finished my 4th EP which will be released on a Dutch label that I love. The audio should be mixed anytime soon so with a bit of luck it could be out in the summer - if the pressing plants are running too late. I am also working on a pilot episode to play regularly on a radio this coming year. I am really glad to be back at radio stations like I used to, a few years ago.


How are you navigating through this period as an artists ?

As a lot of artists and professionals from the musical industry, it’s a very complicated time. It’s hard to project oneself into the future, especially for clubs. Not being able to share music that makes people dance is also really frustrating. For Djs everything changed overnight so it’s very complicated to be in tune with the government’s domestic policies...We feel left out, neglected.

A song to express your current mood ?

Klodio - « Shinagawa Sunrise »

Your least favorite thing at the moment ?

The current situation that is turning to sh…. am I right ?

Your favorite thing at the moment ?

The “Free Form EP”; it’s the latest EP of my good friend Hugo LX released on People of Earth. A super cool release to check out.

Credits 1st picture: Clément Beny
Credits 2nd picture: Quentin Simon
Credits 3rd picture: ©Marie Staggat