The other way to consume vinyl records

The other way to consume vinyl records

Jul 22, 2020

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The revival of the record is far from being trivial. Some see in it a vintage object, the symbol of a prosperous period of musical discovery, and use it almost as decoration. Others go beyond the simple aesthetic of the product. They attempt to experience the thrill of listening to it on a turntable. It is a deeper and more immersive way to emerge in an album’s sound, in an artist’s world. Lastly, it leaves an army of old diggers nostalgic. They dream again about their long hours spent in dealer shops, browsing through every case and every sleeve to find their last gem, their last favorite record.

Diggers Factory set up a system to answer to all of those desires at once. A modern and innovative system that brings the record back on centre stage.

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For music lovers: a double formula and records that cater to everyone’s tastes

You can find the records we distribute in two places. First, at our partner dealer record shops. Second, on our website. On the later, you will find a multitude of artists and styles and a broad catalogue to dig in.

Some records are projects launched by independent artists and labels. They are financed by a pre-order system, with a minimum quantity of 50 copies. The other records are reissued editions, original soundtracks and sometimes exclusivities.

This double-faced system enables Diggers Factory to have a very varied catalogue, in which you can find musical classics such as Iggy Pop or Miles Davis or small independant wonders in any musical genre.

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And for the music-discovery lovers that are looking to enlarge or start their collection, we offer the very first personalizable vinyl box. Choose one or two records ( depending on your formula) among the 6 selected each month by our staff. You’ll then receive each month a box with the record(s) you selected, an explicative booklet and a great gift.

New era, new stakes

We are convinced that the musical industry cannot just spread the ideas of committed artists and should stop turning a blind eye on the ecological issues provoked by its activities. At Diggers Factory, we empower the voices of artists but we also share their values...and we stand by them daily. Therefore, we strive to be environmentally and socially aware at every stage of the production process. We produce in a just-in-time fashion with our pre-order system. Only the records with enough demand are sent to be pressed and produced.
Stocks and losses are therefore reduced to minimum. For pressing, we work in collaboration with the French group MPO which is certified FSC and Imprim’Vert, two environmental labels.

We stand by the artists and truly support them

The pre-order formula enables artists to press and get their records financed by their fans. The artists are free to set up the quantity of pre-orders that they want to achieve ( with a minimum of 50 copies) to launch production. They don’t need to invest any money upfront to start their project, they take no risks in putting their records on our website. It’s a win-win formula. It also provides them with an alternative stream of revenue in those complicated times, as most live performances and concerts are compromised, especially for indie labels and artists.

Diggers Factory is human-sized company ! We help each artist through every stage of their project. Having a real dialogue and a one-to-one follow up with the artist is crucial for us. We want their project to be the exact representation of their desires and expectations.

An authentic sound

The records we produce benefit from a mastering made from tapes or pre-masters, so you can enjoy an authentic sound. It is an analogical sound that will come out of your turntable, not a numerical one!

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