A vinyl record: what is it?

A vinyl record: what is it?

May 12, 2020

Zoom on the history of colored vinyl record

Colored vinyl are really popular among collectors, between reissue of huge classics and production of new artists, let’s have a look on this trend not that new.

The firsts 78 rpm colored vinyl

After many years of black record, the US label Vocalion Records launch in the 20’s a new 78 rpm red/brown-ish vinyl, with the argument that it allowed the record to be more resistant than classic black vinyl. But it was most a marketing argument than a truth, back in the days, records were only slipped into paper sleeve without a proper cover art like today, the color of the record was a good way to surprise people and was a significant demarcation compared to other records.

Colored vinyl record from Vocalion Records

Colored vinyl from Vocalion Records

During the 40’s, the Seattle based label Morrison Records pressed and sold multicolored vinyl, at that time the pressing methods were not advanced enough to color every vinyl in a similar way so each record is different. Even if the label didn’t have any big artists names in its catalog, those records are still popular for collectors.

Colored vinyl from Morrison Records

Colored vinyl from Morrison Records

The making of a colored vinyl record

Vinyl records are made from PVC, which is naturally colorless. To give the distinct black color to the record, factories usually add a black carbon pigment which also allows to increase the solidity of the vinyl. For colored vinyl, they add other type of colored pigments which originally caused a decrease in the sound quality by increasing background noises and crackling, however nowadays colored vinyl are way more qualitative and they have nothing to envy to traditional black records.

Colored vinyl records nowadays

Nowadays, colored vinyl records are widespread and they are being resell at way higher prices than classic black records. Current pressing techniques also allows much deeper color variants.
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