Vinyl records of the Week 11.13.2019

Vinyl records of the Week 11.13.2019

November 18, 2019

Focus on this week's projects with Francis Lai, Molécule, Tha Trickaz, Mad Tribe and Free the Robots!

Francis Lai - Pop Story

Francis Lai Pop Story

In the wake of A Man and a Woman, whose original soundtrack revealed Francis Lai to the world in 1966, the composer immersed himself with delight in the rhythms of his times, surfing on a psychedelic tsunami of white-hot Jerks and Shakes. With high-tension brass, diabolical rhythms and snatches of cousins in Carnaby Street, here we have a certain idea of pop à la française. And the Music’s brilliant colours sparkle with the skilled arranging of the great Christian Gaubert. Do you like listening to Francis Lai? Now you can dance with him.

Molécule - Nazaré

Molecule Nazare

Molécule's new project is inspired by surfing and the sea. The "field-recording" expert rubbed shoulders with the most frightening wave in the world in Nazaré, Portugal. An EP composed from the sounds of the ocean, the fear of surfers of big waves and strong emotions that the musician could feel facing this water wall of more than 20 m.

Mad Tribe - Vinyl Fetish

mad tribe vinyl fetish

Mad Tribe - Vinyl Fetish
In the astonishing realism of 3-Dimensions
45 RPM Vinyl on flourescent yellow with black splatters & Holographic sleeve.
Side A - Vinyl Fetish 148 BPM
Side B - Living Stereo 146 BPM

Mad Tribe - Indulging your fetish for Vinyl

No animals were harmed during the making of this record

Free the Robots - Datu

free the robots datu

Datu’ is the name given to the ruling head of a clan or tribe during ancient, pre-colonial times of the Philippines. Colonization, cultural amnesia, and the reshaping of Philippine culture throughout generations have me and countless others almost completely disconnected from our roots. With no knowledge of what stories exist in the physical reality of my bloodline, the concept behind this album is my way of reconnecting with my ancestry in the spiritual realm of the creative flow state.