Diggers Factory x Pedro Winter

Diggers Factory x Pedro Winter

Sep 23, 2019

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Pedro Winter

After the release of two projects with Diggers Factory and Ed Banger Records, Pedro Winter affirms that there is more to come.

We invited ourselves to a talk with the famous DJ and producer about his passion for vinyl records but also about his collaboration with Diggers Factory. Arriving in his office we can’t help to notice that Pedro Winter is really attached to the object, indeed a real collector. There are thousands of vinyl records accumulated, objects and goodies of all kinds that give Ed Banger Records a record shop look.

“ I'm just coming back from Tokyo where I have bought a lots of records,
Domenico gives me presents and it's records..."

Why this love for vinyl?

First of all the “groove” that differentiates the sound of a vinyl from the sound of a CD or digital track but also because we are talking to “a guy from the 90’s!” as he calls himself. He explains us that the vinyl simply just works with its way of consuming music and with its musical culture. For Pedro Winter, creating beautiful vinyl records in limited edition is a “tribute to music and the object”.

And the collaboration with Diggers Factory?

Their common points are obvious, their passion for music but also the almost sentimental relation with the object. He finds it motivating to work with a team that knows and understand perfectly how to sell the vinyl. But also with a team that provides logistical support to smaller independent labels.

What Pedro Winter appreciates at Diggers Factory is the implementation of pre-ordering, monitoring and the fact that there is a verification of the availability of the vinyl records in the Diggers record shop. To him this system enables and encourages the clients. But most of all what led him to collaborate with Diggers Factory was the timing. The platform and its services were launched just at the time where he wanted to do something new.

The owner and founder of Ed Banger Records ends the interview by addressing his fans:

“The only thing I ask our audience and fans to do is to trust us. You like to listen to Justice, you like Sébastian, you like Mr Ozio, well trust us. We will introduce you to Tommy Guerrero, Trevor Domenico Torty, Adesse Versions, Deena Abdelwahed […]”.

Discover the video of the interview right here :