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        A new way to dig vinyl records


        Dear friends,

        We have been tremendously happy to expand your record collection for the past few month, hoping all your shelves are now covered with them ... and your floor ... and your bed. But Etienne, the intern, has also drawn our concern about the drawback of this phenomenon. As every little part of your apartment than can host some wax will be soon full, where will you put your books, newspapers and magazines where you are used to dig information about music normally ?

        Don’t worry, we have the solution!

        Diggers Factory is about to launch a blog in which we will give you access to quality content such as artists interviews, wishlist projects reviews and music actuality. At the moment, we are giving you access through the platform to records newly press or repress in a limited edition but we are now reaching a point where we want to go further in the sharing process. We expect that this blog will help us to erase borders between musicians and music lovers.

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        Modest Mouse once said “Music is to the soul what words are to the mind” and we truly believe that the two are complementary. Sometimes music and emotions can’t express everything. Words can be a good support to enlighten a whole artistic project. Our aim is not to put words on something that can only be felt, we want to share with you information that can offer you new listening perspectives. By giving a voice to the artists or giving you insights about particular projects, we hope we will be able to raise your curiosity and let you discover new things. Our community of passionate people is about to grow and expand but our values remain the same.

        Above all of this, this blog is also the only opportunity for you to find kiki, the cat you lost after your last order !


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          A new way to dig vinyl records

          Dear friends, We have been tremendously happy to expand your record collection ...