Jim Andralis

United States

Originally born and raised in Pennsylvania, Jim has proudly entrenched himself within the New York music community. He went from a stint in queer NYC punk band The Isotoners to featured performer in Joe’s Pub monthly variety show, Our Hit Parade. His 2016 solo debut, Your Dying Wish Come True, garnered critical acclaim with The Miami Herald christening it, “One of the best solo debut discs of the year.” Joined by The Syntonics, he took flight with Shut Up Shut Up [2018] and My Beautiful Enemy [2020]. Among various collaborations, he teamed up with Bridget Everett [Somebody Somewhere, Love You More, Patti Cake$] on “Hit The Ground Fuckin’” and lent his voice to Champagne Jerry’s The Champagne Room alongside the likes of Adam “Ad Rock” Horovitz [The Beastie Boys], Erin Markey, and Murray Hill. In addition, he notably works as a trauma-focused psychotherapist in private practice. In the end, Jim connects through such honesty about every facet of his life. “For me, my songs come from a desire to understand unknown aspects of myself,” he leaves off. “It’s also sending out tiny little radio signals asking, ‘Does anybody else feel this way?’” Website: http://www.jimandralismusic.com instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jimandralismusic Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2JwnGS2qPdFF1ErocjEgxm TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@jimandralismusic
Jim Andralis - I Can't Stop Trying
Jim Andralis
I Can't Stop Trying
FolkIndie PopSinger Songwriter