Gyda Valtysdottir


A founding member of the experimental and groundbreaking band Múm as a teenager, Gyða later studied classical cello and improvisation in Iceland, Russia and Switzerland. She has worked with a varied group of artists across genres, performed at concerts around the world and composed music for films. In 2019, Gyða won the prestigious Nordic Council Music Prize for her deeply personal and organic performance, fragile, subtle, yet powerful and temperamental. On Ox, Gyða presents the vast versatility of her work, demonstrating the ways in which song-making is a form of alchemy, a transformative process of taking something from the darkness and bringing it into light, and the result is an album of otherworldly spaciousness and urgent, fearless intimacy all at once.
Gyda Valtysdottir - Ox
EtherealDream PopAlternative
31 Left