Jhorman Peña, born in Venezuela, VOICEX born in Spain. We have a huge influenced by orchestral music and techno. Our love for music began at an early age, exploring orchestral and electronic sounds that we eventually fused into a distinctive style. This EP "BANGERS.mp3" stands as a testament to our passion for high-energy techno music. VOICEX, added additional layers, and together we set out to create a pulsating beat that would ignite the dance floor, infusing listeners with an empowering rhythm that embodies the essence of techno. This fusion of orchestral influences and techno reflects the sonic diversity both artists bring to their music. Jhorman and VOICEX draw inspiration from the vibrant techno scene in Berlin. This city, known for its innovation in electronic music, has left an indelible mark on their production style and creative approach. The combination of orchestral elements and high-intensity techno rhythms pays homage to the diversity and experimentation prevalent in Berlin's music scene. Both artists are grateful to Diggers Factory for supporting independent musicians like us on our creative journey. This platform has been instrumental in helping music reach a wider audience worldwide, allowing us to share this innovative musical fusion with global listeners and vinyl lovers.