Faux Tales


Receiving satellite signals from cinematic scores and emotive post-rock, Faux Tales paints a dystopian picture. Otherworldly pianos and hyper-realistic bass music land his sound in a world of its own, suspended in clouds of electronic and neoclassical sonance. Timo Loosli is a composer, producer and artist who records and performs under the alias Faux Tales. He builds minimal and ambient layers that shift into ever-looming and all-absorbing climaxes. A juxtaposition of calm and chaotic moments flow freely between one another. This juxtaposition between calm and heavy electronica flows freely. Light piano motifs - seemingly pure - become immersed in an immense and dynamic disturbance that slams deep into our terminus. Fused by a constantly churning interstellar cloud of organic and electronic sounds, Loosli synthesises an otherworldly sound palette with his far-reaching compositional skillset. A considerable amount of the Faux Tales sound hails from Loosli's appreciation of film scores, modern electronica and post-rock. The music provides rare escapism that allows listeners to create internal narratives with infinite possibilities.
Faux Tales - Outline
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Faux Tales - Hiraeth