SupaIceCold Nell

United States

SupaIceCold Nell is a recording artist hailing from West Philadelphia. Known for his infectious vocals and captivating lyrics, SIC Nell has emerged as a rising star in the Philly hip-hop scene. With a versatile sound that blends elements of rap, R&B, and soul, his music resonates with audiences of all backgrounds. His raw, authentic storytelling reflects his experiences growing up in the city streets, tackling topics ranging from personal struggles to social issues. Drawing inspiration from his surroundings and musical influences, SupaIceCold Nell brings a fresh perspective to hip-hop. His honest lyrics and smooth delivery have earned him a loyal following and critical acclaim.
SupaIceCold Nell - Thee Anthology of Darnell Schoolfield
SupaIceCold Nell
Thee Anthology of Darnell Schoolfield
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