Dres Smuzic

United States

Dres Smuzic ,formerly known as Dre Smuzic, is an affectionate singer , songwriter, and visionary that brings a twist to R&B with a melodic storytelling tone that tests your mind to imagine a world with many possibilities. Imagine a world where you can be yourself and nothing else matters.In this world Dres has created, you can find yourself in a wonderland of mystery. Consistently throwing curve balls at any beat that is up to bat. Born November 15, 1997 in Fort Walton Beach Florida, Dres was never in one area. From moving overseas to England and Germany; moving back to the United States Dres has collected a cultural development that doesn’t resonate in the heart of many artists. The music flows enhancing the emotions of abstract thinking in a mellisonant poetic cadence. Smuzic listened to all sorts of different artists growing up from Boyz II Men, Chris Brown, Brandy, and so many others; however; Dres was always most inspired by a few members of her family and friends. Their support through all of her trials have inspired her to keep the melody going. While in school she learned to play the violin, guitar, and a few other instruments along the way. Smuzic has went from school talent shows to creating and performing at small events; Smuzic is going full throttle into this industry.At the end of 2019 Dres was introduced to Felix (Tip) Horne and everything changed. Dres is going to kick off the story with the release of music launching under Nodhead Records.
Dres Smuzic - Incognito