Tristan Villalba, known in the artistic world as Wolf9, was born on February 26, 2003, in Alicante, Spain. From an early age, Tristan showed an unparalleled passion for music, influenced by the rich sonic diversity of his surroundings. Inspired by a wide range of artists ranging from the legendary Héroes del Silencio to the intensity of W.A.S.P., Wolf9 developed a unique musical style that blends elements of rock and trap in a surprising and original way. Despite his love for music, Wolf9 was initially reluctant to explore the world of trap, disillusioned by the direction the genre had taken in recent years. However, everything changed when he rediscovered XXXTentacion, whose innovation and authenticity restored his faith in trap as a legitimate form of artistic expression. With newfound inspiration and determination, Wolf9 began to experiment with the fusion of rock and trap, seeking a balance between the raw energy of rock and the melancholic atmosphere of trap. This unique approach was reflected in his debut album, "Azar," which marked the artist's debut on the music scene. Wolf9's music resonated deeply with his followers, who found in his songs an emotional connection and an authentic narrative that guided them through their own life experiences. In July of the same year, he released an EP titled "Prisoner of My Own Self," which delved into his personal and emotional struggles in depth, and was enthusiastically received by his followers. Currently, Wolf9 has placed his second album, "King of the Swamp," on pre-sale in vinyl format. This highly anticipated project promises to be an exciting journey for his followers, who have been eager to experience his unique artistic vision and immerse themselves in his innovative sonic landscapes and captivating narrative. Wolf9 remains committed to his art and continues to push the boundaries of music with his bold creativity and unwavering passion. With each project, Wolf9 moves closer to his goal of leaving an indelible mark on the contemporary cultural scene.