KUSS is a rising artist on the French techno scene, extremely promising and exciting. His musical productions cross a wide spectrum of genres and are distinguished by a groovy dominance tinged with mental and hypnotic elements of which he alone has the secret. He produces with the same ease a racy, elegant and dancefloor techno but also explores other horizons such as ambient, downtempo and even progressive rock within his project Derivative of the Uncouncious. Both during his DJ sets and his lives, he never stops creating by daring experimentation and sound design while drawing inspiration from the life experiences he goes through and thus narrates. KUSS was spotted by the Skryptöm label in 2021 on which he has already signed the EP “Wires”, “Collapsing Ideas” and the brand new “Rush Hour”. Then, he released tracks and EPs on many labels such as Warok, Maison Close, Drawner Records, Body To Body, Canticle and KR Records. He has collaborated with Zadig, Electric Rescue, Mac Declos and Sina XX, and has performed in many Parisian clubs such as the Rex Club, Dehors Brut, the Nexus and La Machine du Moulin Rouge but also in Montpellier, Rennes, Brest, Toulouse, Berlin, Arnhem and Geneva.