United States

Originally from the south and based in the Twin Cities, speakeazie is an alternative pop enchantress whose artistry is steeped in noir aesthetics and shimmering dreampop soundscapes. Her soul, a mosaic of classical training and modern introspection, captures the raw essence of human emotions. A classically trained musician in her formative years, speakeazie's roots earned her numerous accolades in the Sunshine State. Inspired by the depths of personal experiences and reflections, her narrative is a dance between the sultry past of speakeasies and the melancholic present of the indie scene. Starting in August of 2021, her first experimental album ‘Prohibition Hippie’ released in 2022, leading to her soul touching, synth heavy 'Bootlegger Blood.' 2022 EP. Covering a large span of personal lyrics and emotions, speakeazie tunes into the inner rawness and experiences that capture the emotional aspects of being human in her sophomore EP, ‘Forsaken Melodies’. The EP featuring ‘Love Me Wild, Love Me Crazy’ and ‘When You Thought of the Reasons’, encapsulates the artistic interactions with love, strength, loss, frustration, and devotion, all of which the artist expresses as forsaken pursuits of the heart. Performing locally, around the US, and overseas, speakeazie pulls listeners in with her deep, ethereal vocals and transformative instrumental backing. https://www.speakeazie.com