Il Conte Biagio


Biagio Conte, aka Conte Biagio, is a singer-songwriter born in 1989, originally from Palomonte (SA) and currently residing in Milan. He has a musical style that is characterized by its original pop sounds and its ability to involve the audience during live performances. In 2020 he produced and released the singles "Università", "Sigaretta" and "Le Stelle", then "Spunta Blu" in February 2022, which precede the album "Università", premiered the same year in Milan. In 2021, he carries out his secret tour, performing in various venues in Milan, keeping the location of the events secret until the last moment. Over the course of his career, Count Biagio has held more than 200 concerts throughout Italy and taken part in important festivals and events, including Villa Ada in Rome, Wow at the Circolo Magnolia in Milan, Upload in Bolzano, MEI in Faenza, Culture Club at ARCI Bellezza in Milan, milk! at Rock'n'Roll again in Milan. He continues to play in various events, including the opening of the Tananai concert at the Meeting del Mare, the one for the European tour of Will & The People at the Biko in Milan and the participation in the SUQ in Ragusa. In November 2023, Conte Biagio published the songs “Ancora un po’” and “Veronica”, then “Non sembra Milano”.
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