Michael Medrano

United States

DISCO DAD ? Sleazy, trashy, and seductive, this is Michael Medrano. The natural born talent was raised in Torrance, CA -- a suburb of Los Angeles -- as a Jehovah's Witness. Desperate to break from his odd, conservative upbringing, Michael began rebelling through music at only 13 years old, teaching himself to write and play. Now he combines the retro sound of Disco with the modern sounds of Dance and Pop Rap, perfectly crafting the sound of the future. Singer, songwriter, and producer, the indie darling is quickly gaining a rabid following, with several viral TikTok’s building his following & propelling him onto various Tidal & Spotify Editorial Playlists like Young & Free, Good Vibes, New Music Friday Cratediggers, Fresh Finds Pop and more. He’s also been featured in several pop culture publications such as PAPER, Billboard, Lyrical Lemonade, RetroPop, and PopBuzz. Recently, Rupaul's Drag Race superstars Willam and Alaska featured his collaboration with Funk LeBlanc "Do Your Thing, Babe!" on their popular drag podcast "Race Chasers". His latest effort DISCO SLEAZE entered the TikTok Daily Charts within its first week of release and was featured on the company's Sydney World Pride 2023 float. With only 12 songs in his catalogue, Michael has already racked up 10 MILLION streams and counting. 'LoveSexDrugs' will debut with a massive 6 MILLION streams already under its belt and singles like 'Do Your Thing, Babe!' and 'Fluids' are already being heard worldwide from college radio stations in Australia to department stores in the UK and USA. In Michael's own words: "My project is hyper-sexual and in-your-face. Pride is supposed to be loud and amidst all of the religious panic going on around our community, I find it greatly important that 'LSD' doubles down on being who you are as loudly as you can. These people want to erase us and while I wouldn't call my songs "pride anthems" or anything corporate like that, my songs are queer and a loud statement that we won't stop telling our stories in the face of ignorance."