Monster Florence

United Kingdom

Hailing from Essex, the six-member band officially formed in 2015. What originally started off as a few studio sessions between producer Tom and vocalist Alex Osiris, soon turned into a full-blown musical project. The established band line up was finalised after the additions of producer and musicians Tom Donovan, Cameron Morrell and Jonny Poole for what was meant to be a one-off festival performance which subsequently turned into a full-time project due to the undeniable chemistry shared on and off stage. The addition of in-house production and live instruments allowed the band to develop their alternative style of hip-hop that is truly unique and undeniably authentic. Monster Florence are: Alex Osiris - vocals Dream Mclean - vocals Wallace Rice - vocals Tom Donovan - production, guitars, keys, programming Jonny Poole - sax, keys, guitar Cameron Morrell - drums