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You believe in our work and you want to be part the independent music’s development? Then join our “Ambassador Program” and become a Diggers Factory’s spokesperson.

I postulate

Thanks to today’s digital tools, the future of independent creations has never looked brighter. Artists are taking control of their production process very easily : from creation to diffusion, to recording and promotion,we can help them on all the steps.
70 nationalities represented on Diggers Factory !
Hundreds of projects launched and thousands of Diggers involved.
The ambassador’s missions
  • 1
    Share the projects you love and believe in.
  • 2
    Write positive comments on these projects and valorize them.
  • 3
    Gather your network around your musical discoveries found on Diggers Factory.
  • 4
    Talk to artists you may know about Diggers Factory, and get rewarded if these artists fund their record project on Diggers Factory.
  • 5
    Take part in the projects’ promotion by writing articles on our blog.
  • 6
    Join our Facebook group “Diggers Ambassador” and exchange with other involved and passionate Diggers.
Special Offers
  • Exclusive promotions
  • Early access to sales and Limited Edition
  • Free shipping on special occasions
VIP Status
  • Invitation to exclusive events
  • Artists meet-and-greet and live performances
  • Signed merch from your favorite artists
A chance to Win Epic Prizes
  • Vinyl Give Away
  • Surprise personalized bonus gift
  • Pro-Ject Turntable
Community spirit is at the very core of our solution. Join us now and become an ambassador !

I postulate

Diggers Factory helps independent artists and labels for all the steps and obstacles they meet on their vinyl pressing journey (financial support, logistics...)
We offer an innovative solution, independent of all the usual processes of the music industry. The key? We put at the center of our projects the most fundamental of all networks : the music lovers.