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Back Before - Yamall - Limited Edition Vinyl


Yamall - Back Before
Yamall - Found Love
Yamall - Flangero


  • Artist : Yamall
  • Label : Chibar Records
  • Format : 1 x EP 12" (g)
  • CountrySlovenia
  • GenresHouseTech House
  • Pressing150 Copies

Music is energy. At the heart of Chibar Records is an appreciation for sound that inspires motion and emotion. The independent label was found on the 23rd of August in 2005 by Kevin Elske aka Extraplay who had separated from Flashback Records to release and distribute his music independently and support other like-minded artists and producers.

In the first two years of the label’s inception the focus was purely on production and local advertising to sell the music in Extraplay’s hometown of Halle (Germany).

In 2007, the label went online and received its first sales opportunities via the Internet.

Since then, Chibar Records has been operating as a digital label with distributions focused online, and specially planned releases on vinyl and CDs.

Chibar Records’ releases have been curated on at least 381 compilations from other labels, and the year 2015 witnessed releases from the label on UMEK’s 1605 podcast while also being played by Carl Cox at Space Ibiza, Las Vegas Dance Event and Tomorrowland including many other top DJs from the underground electronic dance music scene.

Although Chibar Records mainly supports House, Tech House and Techno, interesting and unique electronic styles are also encouraged.

Chibar Records also runs a sub-label, E Onrush, found in 2013 which explores a darker, subsonic, edgy and harder sound of Minimal and Techno with the potential to explode on the dance floor.

E Onrush boasts fresh underground talent from around the globe with releases been played and charted by top artists who have already supported Chibar Records.

The development of the music on the label has improved in comparison to the first productions and will continue to improve. That is the aim of all artists at Chibar Records.