Lee "Scratch" Perry x Bob Riddim - Destiny


Face A
I Am
Lee "Scratch" Perry x Bob Riddim
Lee "Scratch" Perry x Bob Riddim x Evie Pukupoo
Lee "Scratch" Perry x Bob Riddim x Kabaka Pyramid
Space Echo
Lee "Scratch" Perry x Bob Riddim
Face B
Police And Thieves
Lee "Scratch" Perry x Bob Riddim x Xana Romeo
Ring Pon My Finger
Lee "Scratch" Perry x Bob Riddim x Blvk H3ro x Leno Banton x Wayne J
Lee "Scratch" Perry x Bob Riddim x Yaadcore
Infinity (Dub)
Lee "Scratch" Perry x Bob Riddim x Addis Pablo
Destiny (Dub)
Lee "Scratch" Perry x Bob Riddim x Evie Pukupoo


« Un autre grand chef-d'œuvre »

En tant qu'inconditionnel de Perry depuis environ 40 ans, j'ai l'impression de comprendre un peu le son de cet artiste et d'où il vient... alors pour que les collaborations de Scratch au crépuscule de sa carrière demandent encore de l'attention, j'attendais avec impatience celui-ci - et il est tout simplement époustouflant. J'adore cet album, il est collé à ma platine. Il fait honneur à l'extraordinaire héritage de Scratch. Je vous remercie.

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Lee “Scratch” Perry's posthumous masterpiece Destiny (LP), crafted alongside Bob Riddim, is a transcendent journey through reggae's legacy and future. With Evie Pukupoo's soulful echoes, Kabaka Pyramid's revolutionary lyricism, and Xana Romeo's neo-roots infusion, the album marries iconic traditions with reggae’s modern sound and voices. Highlights also include a collaborative showcase of the next-generation reggae wave with Blvk H3ro, Leno Banton, and Wayne J on "Ring Pon My Finger", and a nod to dub royalty with Addis Pablo's melodica on "Infinity” (Dub). Scheduled for a September 8th global launch via Delicious Vinyl Island, Destiny stands as a testament to Perry's indelible influence on the Jamaican and global music soundscape.


Lee "Scratch" Perry x Bob Riddim

The legendary Lee “Scratch” Perry (born Rainford Hugh Perry) was a Jamaican record producer, composer and singer celebrated for his innovative studio techniques and production style. He was among the first Jamaican producer-musicians to use the studio as an instrument, and he pioneered the reggae instrumental artform known as Dub.

Perry is the man who wrote and produced Punky Reggae Party. He worked with a variety of artists including Bob Marley, The Wailers, Junior Murvin, Max Romeo, The Congos, The Heptones, Mad Professor, King Tubby and many others.

Winner of multiple grammy awards, Lee Perry is revered and respected as a reggae pionneer all around the world, as he took reggae to places it had never been before. « Scratch » is the man who truly put reggae on the international map by collaborating with groups out of the reggae genre such as the famous English punk group The Clash and The Beastie Boys. A man with a unique vision, on which he offers glimpses of on each of the many albums and songs he produced.

Lee “Scratch” Perry started working with Bob Riddim in july 2020. The Upsetter and Bob felt the next step of innovation was for Lee to meet musically with the new generation of reggae artists. Lee and his team felt something special was happening with the unique sound and aesthetics developped in the Destiny sessions, so they trusted Bob Riddim with the completion of this album.

Lee “Scratch” Perry has been described as an enigma, an eccentric, a pioneer and a genius – and each description is somewhat apt in its own way.