DIETER MEIER / THE YOUNG GODS - Schüüfele / Did You Miss Me


Face A
Shüüfele (Dub Spencer & Trance Hill Remix)
Dieter Meier
Face B
The Young Gods - Did You Miss Me (Remix by Dub Spencer & Trance Hill)
Dieter Meier



Dieter Meier (Yello) & The Youngs Gods (Franz Treichler) are two of the most glamorous representatives of popular music in Switzerland in the last 50 years and are exceptional artists - who are deeply connected to “dub” (in the broader sense of metamophosis). Now they gonna meet the best DUB act in Switzerland and have one of their most popular and wellknown tunes refined by the hottest "Dubbers" in Switzerland; "DUB SPENCER & TRANCE HILL" !!!

The first King Size Dub compilation was intended as a conclusion. Back then, in 1994, Nicolai Beverungen worked for EFA as On-U Sound / Crammed Discs label manager and had the fluffy idea to put together a compilation with bands like the Disciples, Zion Train, among other things, that he had cared for at the time for distribution . In the Mid-90s there was a moderate boom in terms of NeoDub and also by the support of the Spex met the sampler the nerve of time and sold well. Thus, from what should be a conclusion, curiously a start, Nicolai says, looking back. The spectrum of artists, one of which is now already published titles, ranging from Seeed, Tackhead feat. Mick Jagger, Grace Jones, Simply Red, Nick Manasseh, Templeroy, The Clash, KLF, Stereo MC's, Apollo 440, about Mad Professor, Lee Perry, Horace Andy, Shabba Ranks, Augustus Pablo, to King Tubby and The Congos.

Unexpected encounters with eg the absolute beginners, Toten Hosen, Mick Jagger, Fanta 4 and Sharam are possible. This suggests the question of where in all the variety, the common denominator is? "The common denominator is reggae. This was always clear to me. The aforementioned people are either pure reggae or they have a taste for reggae, such as Mick Jagger. I find it interesting when people are not pure purists and create with their possibilities a crossover potential. This is the common line for me. And that's why I have to ask, no problem, Mick Jagger next to King Tubby. Since it has fallen, an often verschmähtes word crossover. The trailer hear the pure styles do not like, closed raise the index finger on the lookout for fixed categories and left the field to the more free-thinking minds of time. Good thing, because in the variety of styles, there is a lot to discover and complainers bother because only.

Another term that is often used to characterize his label program by Nicolai again and again is "Future Dub". What's the link in between Mick Jagger, Stereo MC's, Grace Jones, Simply Red, Massive Attack, The Clash, KLF, Die Toten Hosen, Sharam, Seeed and Fanta 4 on the one hand and Shabba Ranks King Tubby, Lee Scratch Perry, Big Youth, Sly & Robbie, Horace Andy, Gregory Isaacs, Augustus Pablo, Glen Brown, I-Roy and The Congos? Exactly. HOWEVER, For Those of you with a quizzical squint in your eyes: All of the above have shown off Their artistic prowess on various releases by label group ECHO BEACH Themselves laying open to the label's motto: "In Dub We Trust."