Skio - Frozen in Motion


Séries limitées d’illustrations imprimées en haute qualité, réalisées par des artistes internationaux de l'Agence Wild Beasts Art reconnus mêlant leur univers à celui du vinyle. Ces œuvres qui rendent hommage aux passionnés de musique et de vinyle seront accompagnées d’un certificat d’authenticité et d’un numéro de série.

Artiste : SKIO / Londres / Wild Beasts Art Agency
Type d'impression : Jet d'encre pigmentaire
Papier utilisé : Hahnemühle Rag de haute qualité
Dimension : 50x75cm
Exemplaire : 30 tirages en édition limitée (tamponnés et numérotés)
Grammage : 300g
Haute qualité : Tirage sur papier blanc
Info livraison : Envoi dans du papier de soie et tube d'art

SKIO @skio1

Skio created Frozen In Motion, taking inspiration from EDM artist Kodomo's album of the same name, where a range of field recordings captured in New York City, Shanghai, Tokyo, Paris, and Barcelona represent moments in time connecting experiences.

Skio was born in Nice in 1980. At the age of 15, he began drawing on the walls of his city with sprays found in his cellar, without knowing that it was forbidden! A few warnings later, he was fully integrated into the graffiti movement by working in the shade of trains and walls in south-eastern France. After a few urban festivals, Skio devoted his energy to the creation of illustrative frescoes. He graduated as a multimedia designer in 2004 and moved to Paris in 2006.

An active maker and shaker in the Parisian street art scene, Skio has effortlessly show cased his technical knowledge moving through spray paint, air brush and paint brush. From vandal lettering in his early days to a figurative and romantic universe, inspired by the Bauhaus and artists such as Chirico, Magritte and even Dali and embracing his love of pop and television culture, Skio has created his signature style, mixing geometric shapes and realistic forms, with sophistication on canvas.