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    David Moleon
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    • Artist : David Moleon
    • Label : Moopup Records
    • Format : 1 x 12" (140g)
    • Pays : Espagne
    • Genres : Techno
    • Pressage : 50 Copies
    • Date de livraison prévue : août 2019

    We have created this crowdfunding project to try to create 50 vinyls, participate in it and get an exclusive copy!

    david moleon fajardo
    David Moleón is an expert DJ and producer with 20 years of experience. David has appeared on the line ups of prestigious events like Awakenings, Apokalypsa, Aquasella, Holi Festival of Colors Fabrik,Technoflash, Family Club, Montagood, The End of the World etc… Throughout his career he has invested time in mixing, music technology, web design and sound technology. Both his DJ sets on 3 turntables and his live-acts are examples of high-quality DJing, technical ability and force, making him a well-rounded DJ, and particularly the stand-out artist from the South of Spain. David kicked off his career as a producer in September 2006 he released his first reference and today has over 220 tracks on the market. In March 2014 he created his famous hit "San Salvador" getting to go viral with over 6,000,000 views. David has become the most prolific techno producer in Spain, in Europe, he’s know as “la joya española” (the Spanish jewel).