Face A
    Clock Sucker
    The Supermen Lovers
    Eyes On You (ft. Scarlett)
    The Supermen Lovers
    The Supermen Lovers
    Face B
    Belle Nuit
    The Supermen Lovers
    Longue Nuit
    The Supermen Lovers
    The Supermen Lovers


    French labels Word Up Records & Latebwa welcome regular artist The Supermen Lovers for a superb six track EP that starts their year in real style.

    The Supermen Lovers is the moniker of disco don Guillaume Atlan who mixes up his formally trained musical skills with real club clout. He is an experienced artist with a weighty catalogue

    of EPs and albums (the fourth is due this year), and over the last 15 years plus has topped charts with a wide range of hit singles. He always comes correct with a fresh mix of funk, disco, boogie and house that ranges from vocal and uplifting to more club focussed, and is a master of killer basslines. The last couple of years have seen Atlan’s productions take a new turn with tracks like ‘Walking on the Moon’ & ‘It’s OK’ gaining him a fresh fanbase amongst the new wave of disco devotees and this latest EP is certain to expand on this with its eclectic and exciting sound.

    Written in his studio in Paris where analog and digital tools meet in perfect harmony, the EP is inspired by “wet electro funk” from the eighties. The titular track kicks it off with dazzling disco intensity. Pixelated synths ring out above fat bass riffs, and vocal cries and keys all add colour. The magical ‘Eyes on You’ is an uplifting tune with crystal clear diva vocals and more boogie synths and elastic basslines propping up the disco vibes. Moving on to the excellent ‘Vodka’, retro spoken word vocals bring a kitsch air to the trilling guitar riffs and the pumping drums get you on your toes. It’s a playful, purposeful track that oozes disco timelessness and ‘Belle Nuit’ keeps up the energy levels with wonky basslines and rattling percussion that is loose and infectious. The majestic ‘Longue Nuit’ then slows the tempo and places you in a slow and deep, libidinous groove that is lush and suggestive with its percolating drums and pitched down male vocal murmurs. The terrific trip is completed with ‘Neighbourhood’, a cosmic and dreamy track with twinkling keys extending out into the night sky and woody, organic hits driving along below.

    This is expressive and emotive disco funk at its very best.

    The Supermen Lovers
    Jazz/funk Herbie Hancock-sounding harmonies meeting vintage synth basses. The beating, human, pumping heart of a discofunk sample being amplified by an electronic bypass. Please forget Starlight. We had fun with it, you had fun with it, two million people had fun with it. It was so fun that it kinda hid the rest of his years-spanning musical career: a career which has cast the sound of the stuff Beatport calls "nu-disco" today. Listening to The Supermen Lovers' records is discovering an ace melange of passionate, highly-trained musicianship and modern production; an unique, organic sound made of synths, sequences and real, played instruments, every single one of them recognizable since the first bars.