How to best store your vinyl records?

How to best store your vinyl records?

25 juin 2020

Storing vinyl records turns out to be a tricky mission. Vinyl records differ in size, and the space available in the studio or apartment in which one wishes to put them plays a crucial role in storing one’s records collection. Four good solutions to store vinyl discs are exposed in this article.

1) Ikea’s Kallax product range

Let’s start with a sober and affordable classic. Ikea’s storage units allow for the vinyl records to be placed vertically, which is a recommended storing-technique. Present on the market for years,( back in the deys, this range of product was called Expedit), this storage unit is one of the most appreciated and used solution by the vinyl collectors.

vinyl storage
Above is an explanatory drawing to estimate how many containers you need depending on your record collection!

2) Storage containers

If you own a less substantial disc collection, or you simply want to store your go-to vinyl records near to your turntable without having to search them in your main storage space, storage containers are what you need. Numerous brands offer these storage boxes with a simple and refine design. This solution also applies for storing 45 rmp records, in smaller boxes.

3) Records display unit

This is the perfect solution to admire your records ! As if they were in a record dealer shop, your vinyl discs will be vertically stored, allowing for an easy navigation through the different sleeves. However, this option is quite space-consuming. For smaller spaces, it is advised to only have one display unit, so that you can store the albums that will go on your turntable the most!

vinyl storage

4) Custom-made Furniture

Countless brands presently sell tailored and personalized pieces of furniture, which have interesting options besides offering great storage spaces for vinyl records. Some have special spots to insert turntables or speakers, others include ingenious cables management systems. If the prices for those kind of storage units vary a lot, they are usually more expensive than the other solutions listed above. Want a cheaper and craftier option? Do it yourself!