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      • Submit your favourite albums' reissue

        The Wishlist allows you to suggest ideas of LPs and EPs that need a reissue or were never produced on vinyl. Share your Wishlist projects with your community to increase the chance of reissue. Just like a petition, the more people vote for a repress, the more we can convince the right-holders to reissue the record on Diggers Factory.

      • Win free vinyl records

        If your Wishlist project ends up being released on Diggers Factory, we'll give you a free copy of the vinyl. Don’t wait anymore and give your favourite albums a second life!

      • Be an active part of the platform

        Diggers Factory is a community platform where vinyl fans cooperate. We need you to unearth rare gems, share your favorite songs, support emerging artists and encourage record labels to reissue long lost musical treasures.

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