Suicide Squad Original Motion Picture Score

    Steven Price



    A 1.Task Force XSteven Price
    A 2.Arkham AsylumSteven Price
    A 3.I'm going to Figure It OutSteven Price
    A 4.You Make My Teeth HurtSteven Price
    A 5.I Want To Assemble A Task ForceSteven Price
    A 6.Brother Our Time Has ComeSteven Price
    B 1.A Serial Killer Who Takes Credit CardsSteven Price
    B 2.A Killer AppSteven Price
    B 3.That's How I Cut and RunSteven Price
    B 4.We Got A Job To DoSteven Price
    B 5.You Die We DieSteven Price
    B 6.Harley and JokerSteven Price
    C 1.This Bird Is BakedSteven Price
    C 2.Hey CrazinessSteven Price
    C 3.You Need a MiracleSteven Price
    C 4.Diablo's StorySteven Price
    C 5.The SquadSteven Price
    D 1.Are We Friends Or Are We Foes?Steven Price
    D 2.She's Behind YouSteven Price
    D 3.One Bullet Is All I NeedSteven Price
    D 4.I Thought I'd Killed youSteven Price
    D 5.The Worst Of The WorstSteven Price



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