Escalator Over The Hill

    Carla Bley

    #Contemporary Jazz#Big Band


    .Cecil Clark's Old HotelCarla Bley
    .Off PremisesCarla Bley
    .Cecil Clark'sCarla Bley
    .In The Meadow Or In HotelsCarla Bley
    .In FluxCarla Bley
    .Over The HillCarla Bley
    A.Hotel Overture13:12Carla Bley
    B1.... This Is Here06:00Carla Bley
    B2.Like Animals01:20Carla Bley
    B3.Escalator Over The Hill04:51Carla Bley
    B4.Stay Awake01:18Carla Bley
    B5.Ginger And David01:40Carla Bley
    B6.Song To Anything That Moves02:17Carla Bley
    C1.Eoth Theme00:38Carla Bley
    C2.Businessmen05:37Carla Bley
    C3.Ginger And David Theme00:55Carla Bley
    C4.Why02:19Carla Bley
    C5.It's Not What You Do00:13Carla Bley
    C6.Detective Writer Daughter03:00Carla Bley
    C7.Doctor Why01:30Carla Bley
    C8.Slow Dance (Transductory Music)01:51Carla Bley
    C9.Smalltown Agonist05:29Carla Bley
    D1.End Of Head00:37Carla Bley
    D2.Over Her Head02:37Carla Bley
    D3.Little Pony Soldier04:35Carla Bley
    D4.Oh Say Can You Do?01:08Carla Bley
    D5.Holiday In Risk03:10Carla Bley
    D6.Holiday In Risk Theme00:47Carla Bley
    E1.A.I.R. (All India Radio)04:00Carla Bley
    E2.Rawalpindi Blues12:40Carla Bley
    F1.End Of Rawalpindi09:38Carla Bley
    F2.End Of Animals01:25Carla Bley
    F3.... And It's Again09:55Carla Bley


    • Artist : Carla Bley
    • Genres : Contemporary Jazz Big Band


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