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Rats On The Choppin Block - Matt Strange 7.1 - Limited Edition Vinyl


Side 1
Rats on the Choppin Block
Matt Strange 7.1
Side 2
Human Race
Matt Strange 7.1


  • Artist : Matt Strange 7.1
  • Label : Nebula LLC
  • Format : 1 x 12" (140g)
  • CountryUnited States
  • GenresHip Hop
  • Pressing100 Copies
  • Estimated delivery dateApril 2021


New Single from Matt Strange 7.1

Started at age 16 with as a drummer with the Group The Combination under members Larry Burns, Eric Williams and the late James Overstreet. After graduating from high school Strange attended Jackson State University Where he embraced hip hop on a wider scale producing his first singles by Poetic Climax Prism & DJ Phingaprint "The Game Of Life" and FOcus-J Clipp. Studying under Black Diamond Ent. with Carl Patton and Daryl 1996 Strange was working with talents such as Crook, Sugarhill G's who are from his hometown of Vicksburg MS. Iinfluenced by other DJ's and Producers abroad, he went on to start Nebula LLC. A vinyl lover and a noted respect for the elders of sound. In 1999 he formed No Particulars with Marvin Williams and Chris Cooley. In 2005 We Are A Movement Vol 1 was released with the underground smash Humpin Back Roads, the group after then took a break from the music with a promising comeback from the first LP. As of to date NEW MUSIC is in the works with a new Matt Strange & No Particulars LP set for release. Also production CREDIT from SnuFF " I DIDN'T QUIT MY DAY JOB"