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The Insights EP - Spinscott - Limited Edition Vinyl


PhaseOut (clip)
Rocker (clip)
#7 (Bonus) (clip)


  • Artist : Spinscott
  • Label : Elm Imprint
  • Format : 1 x 12" (g)
  • CountryUnited States
  • GenresDrum & BassJungle
  • Pressing300 Copies


The “Insights” EP is Spinscott’s second release on the US based Elm Imprint label, as a highly anticipated follow up to the internationally successful “Make It Funky / Lovelight” single. “Insights” features 3 tracks that represent a progression of styles, and satisfies the demand for Classic Jungle sounds, fresh Drum And Bass, and deep “160” flavors.

Side A: “Phaseout” - This forward-thinking Drum And Bass tune starts out with a moody & mixable intro, staccato drums and bass hits, before dropping into a precisely arranged dancefloor rhythm. Impact exceeds maximum threshold after the break, with the injection of an unexpected layered kick pattern, which has proven to leave no one standing still! But don’t mix out too soon…. the final phase features an exclusive drum break sourced from a family 45 pressing, circa 1968, sliced and reworked for it’s debut appearance here. Phaseout has moved audiences during pre-release plays at Spinscott performances in the US, UK, and beyond.

Side B1: “Rocker” - This 160 BPM tune was meticulously crafted using drums, effects, and other sounds from multiple genres of dance music, and engineered to make people move! Starting out on a jazzy tip with 808s, sax notes and various fx elements, it doesn’t waste time getting to an onslaught of swinging drums and vocal artifacts. Rounding out with some classy Rhodes melodies, strings & short-cut Amens, “Rocker” delivers an audible message for people to rock, swing, and move to the music! DJs will enjoy cutting in and out of this one, with many changes and elements to mix & blend with.

Side B2 (vinyl exclusive): “#7” - This oldschool style Jungle track FINALLY appears on the vinyl version of this release to satisfy over 5 years of relentless demand! Originally filmed as one of Spinscott’s Real-Time Jungle videos, “#7” is the one that opened the floodgates to international recognition and performances worldwide. (see link below) Previously only available in video or performed live at shows, Spinscott has produced a full length “dj friendly” version, featuring all the original elements of the original performance. “#7” was created and produced 100% on the MPC 1000 (as seen in the video), and features classic drum chops and layers, reverse bass, raw pads, and more.

ELM Imprint is an independent record label based in the United States of America. Primarily releasing Drum & Bass, the label was started in 2015.