Vinyl on demand

    Diggers Factory is a vinyl on-demand network allowing artists and labels to produce records with the help of the community. Customized solution (production, mastering, distribution and shipping) to edit or reissue your music on vinyl.

    No investment needed, no financial risk,
    100% control over your intellectual property!

    Create your tailor-made project

    Press your vinyl record exactly the way you want

    Our solution is entirely personalized, the list of options is almost infinite!Show more
    Our aim is to offer you a fully personalized solution, the list of options is almost infinite! Here’s a short overview, just to name a few:
    • Single, double, or triple record
    • DMM or Lacque cutting (you’ll find the differences between both cuttings here)
    • EP, LP / 7”, 10”, 12” formats / 33 or 45 RPM
    • Customizable weight (standard 140g or 180g and more if needed)
    • Sleeve type (color, black & white, discobag, double gatefold, triple gatefold)
    • Inner sleeve (black, white or none if you prefer)
    • Record color (black, white, blue, red, orange...)
    Upload your artwork and label (a temporary artwork and label will work during the campaign, we’ll need the final one shortly before the project completion) and remember, you won’t need to spend anything in order to launch the project and share it with your community.

    Set the sales objectives and estimate the production costs

    Starting from 50 copies

    Set sales objectives adapted to your needs and master the production costs.Show more

    Setting the sales objectives is an essential part of the project, setting it too high or too low can jeopardize the whole campaign. Best way to estimate your objectives is to carefully monitor your fanbase, community and network. The number of Facebook fans is often the best indicator, and of course we’d be happy to advise you on this matter if necessary.

    There are basically 3 stages, stage 1 being the most important. The first stage is the minimum amount of pre-orders required to successfully complete the project and launch production. Stages 2 and 3 are more profit-oriented, they give you a precise estimation of what you could earn on top after stage 1 has been reached! As for the number of copies, we can start stage 1 from 50 records only!You won’t find this anywhere else.

    You can also choose to save a personal stock for your own use. However, please note that the personal stock always has to be lower than the stage 1 amount.

    All along the project creation process, you can display the manufacturing costs by clicking on the ‘Cost Details’ button. The calculation is made as follows: the sub-total cost will vary according to the options you chose (vinyl type, weight, color, etc.), your sales objectives and your personal stock. The shipping costs are the costs to send your records from the pressing plant to our shipping partner, Juno Records. These costs vary according to the records quantity. 20% French VAT tax is then added to the sub-total to give the net manufacturing costs.

    Set the campaign duration

    Estimate the best timeframe to promote your project

    Your pre-order campaign can last between 20 and 60 days, depending on your project and needs.Show more

    Your pre-order campaign can last between 20 and 60 days, depending on your project and needs. So far, we’ve reached the best results with campaigns lasting 40 to 50 days.It’s not a must, but it usually works better. Should you have any questions about this, feel free to get in touch.

    Choose among our partners

    We take care of everything

    We offer you the possibility to work with music industry professionals. Mastering, pressing, distribution: producing high quality vinyl records is essential to us.Show more

    As soon as the campaign is over, we will launch the manufacturing process. We will take care of everything: send the artwork and the masters to the pressing plant; and make sure the records are shipped to your fans’ homes via our shipping partner, Juno Records.


    Our aim is to work with the best studios, making sure that we deliver top quality sound to all the diggers and music lovers who care to work with us.


    We work with numerous partners all around the world, carefully chosen for their vinyl pressing expertise and experience over the last decades.


    We’ve been working hard on developing a solid network of distribution partners all over the world, to give you the opportunity to sell your records to distributors and record shops as well. In that case, you set the wholesale price and decide on the quantity reserved for distribution. But of course, you can also choose to sell your records exclusively through the pre-order system.

    Remember that you can use your own partners if you already have some, but in case you don’t here’s a list of ours:

    Set the vinyl price and generate benefit

    Easily with our cost simulator

    Use our integrated solution to narrowly adapt your project to your community’s needs.Show more

    Setting an appropriate vinyl pre-order price is one of the most important steps. You can use the costs and benefit simulator all along the process: your different options and the sales objectives will automatically be taken into account and adjusted as soon as you make a change. Don’t hesitate to try different combinations in order to get the best results.

    According to your options, the number of tracks and the sales objectives, we will try to define the most suitable price: affordable for your fans and profitable for you. Should you have any doubts, we will be there to help you.

    Please note that Diggers Factory’s commission represents 20% of the sales. For instance, selling 100 copies at 15€ will result in a 225€ commission. This commission is automatically integrated and adjusted in the costs and benefit simulator.

    Our partner Juno Records delivers records worldwide. Within the EU, it costs 5€ per vinyl plus 2€ per additional record. Outside the EU, it costs 6€ plus 3€ per additional record.

    Means of payment

    Sell in a click

    Our transparent and costless solution facilitates your project’s success.Show more

    As soon as the campaign is launched, pre-orders can be placed on our website. We’re working with PayPal and Stripe.
    No extra fees are applied and we don’t keep any banking information on our website. Besides, we don’t receive anything before the project reaches its objective.

    At the end of the campaign, Diggers Factory will transfer your profit into your bank account.In case the project doesn’t reach its objective, each participant will get a refund.

    Remain the sole owner of your work

    We’re nothing but a matchmaker

    Artists keep 100% control over their intellectual property rights. Diggers Factory is only an intermediary between you, professionals of the industry and your fans.

    Involve your network

    Your project’s success depends on your community

    Optimize your communication strategy with our team and reach your objectives.Show more

    Once the project creation process is completed, we will review it and make sure that everything is feasible. We will get in touch with you and plan the next steps together.

    Communication is the key to success and it is the only way to engage your community.The Diggers Factory team will help you optimize your online communication strategy and make sure your fans are aware and involved in your project.
    Only your fanbase can make it happen! We will need to use all available means (social networks, websites, press, flyers, etc.) to promote your project and ensure that it becomes a release.