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      The Worldly's
      Gunfight feat. The Peacekeepers


        You are an artist

        or a label


        • Create your tailor-made project with our partners

          Start your production or vinyl reissue project and choose among our selection of partners: vinyl factories, mastering studios, distribution networks, designers, etc. Everything is optional!

        • Produce your records for free

          Set the price of your vinyl and the amount of records you want to produce. As soon as your project is online, share it with your fans and friends. If you reach your pre-orders objectives, the production is launched and Diggers get their record at home. All this, without spending a single euro!

        • Generate benefits

          With our cost simulator in the project’s creation section, you can easily set and estimate the margin you want. Diggers Factor takes only a 15% fee on your sales if your project reaches its completion.

        • Sell it all around the world

          Diggers Factory is available all over the world thanks to our payment service provider (PayPal) which guarantees full confidentiality and security over your transactions. We are working together with logisticians that deliver your records wherever you are in the world.

        • Remain the sole owner of your work

          Artists keep 100% of the intellectual property rights from their work. Diggers Factory is only an intermediary which offers a pre-order service. The platform works only as a buying system - there's no investment from Diggers.

        You are a Digger

        A vinyl lover


        • Submit your favourite albums' reissue

          The Wishlist allows you to suggest ideas of LPs and EPs that need a reissue or were never produced on vinyl. Share your Wishlist projects with your community to increase the chance of reissue. Just like a petition, the more people vote for a repress, the more we can convince the right-holders to reissue the record on Diggers Factory.

        • Win free vinyl records

          If your Wishlist project ends up being released on Diggers Factory, we'll give you a free copy of the vinyl. Don’t wait anymore and give your favourite albums a second life!

        • Be an active part of the platform

          Diggers Factory is a community platform where vinyl fans cooperate. We need you to unearth rare gems, share your favorite songs, support emerging artists and encourage record labels to reissue long lost musical treasures.

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