The basics

    What is Diggers Factory?

    Diggers Factory is an online community offering vinyl record pre-orders. Its concept is similar to crowd funding platforms. The artist or the label chooses the minimum pre-orders needed to launch the production and sets the project online. If they reach their goal in good time, the production is launched and the users that have pre-ordered receive their due as soon as it's out of the factory.

    Diggers Factory gives the opportunity to any talented artist to produce his own vinyl records. Thanks to the pre-order system they won’t have to invest in the production. So the artist is now able to produce vinyl records without spending anything and without taking any financial risk.

    What projects can you make on Diggers Factory?

    Our platform is specialized in the release and repress of vinyl records. We offer three different types of projects:

    • Production : The “Production” part is for brand new projects. Artists send us their creations and if we see quality in it, the Diggers, the users of the platform will be able to pre-order vinyl records and fund the project.
    • Repress - Wishlist : The “Repress - Wishlist” part is a list of albums and EPs that are no longer produced or that haven’t yet been edited in vinyl. Artists, Labels and Diggers can suggest their favorites vinyl records to the community and try to have them reedited. If the community answers positively to your suggestions, we will contact the label and open pre-order in order to release a repress. Why buy a 50€ vinyl from a private collector when you can have it for 15€ by gathering fans on our platform.
    • Repress : The “Repress” part is for artists and labels that want to release a vinyl edition of an album or simply get an oldie back on the market. The main goal is to fight against the vinyl black market that has grown on internet these last couple of years and that doesn’t profit the artists. The Repress projects go by the same system than the Production ones: you need to reach your initial goal to launch the production.

    Who are we?

    Diggers Factory has been created by Alexis Castiel, passionate about music he felt the mission to help the small artists and labels. By offering this service, we hope to create a real community of music enthusiasts, a place where artists, labels and fans collaborate, talk and help one another with a common goal: help the different actors of this sector develop and get awesome vinyl records out there !

    What does it mean?

    Just as gold diggers we dig the internet to find the one-in-a-million vinyl, the masterpiece of our collection. We will produce these masterpieces and give you the opportunity to enrich your collection saving you time and money. Diggers factory is a platform that helps small bands and labels by funding their production and giving them a unique opportunity to achieve their projects.

    What are our missions?

    • Create a community around one common passion: the vinyl record.
    • Give all artists the opportunity to release vinyl records (even without having a label)
    • Help small labels that struggle face to illegal downloading by reducing financial risks.
    • Involve fans in the production process by letting them choose what projects they want to fund.
    • Ease the relationship between artists and labels.
    • Reduce the impact of consumer to consumer business and give the artists the credit they deserve.

    Who can use Diggers Factory?

    Any internet user regardless of age and nationality can use Diggers Factory, be part of the community and follow the artists and different projects.

    Never the less it is obligatory to have over 18 years old to create a project or contribute financially to one.

    How much does Diggers Factory cost?

    Nothing! Subscribing to Diggers Factory is completely free. It gives you access to all functionalities of the platform : unlimited streaming of the different projects, following of artists and friends, etc.

    Spending money on Diggers Factory to help artists is the user's choice.

    How does a pre-order campaign go on for original productions?

    When an artist or a label creates a project on Diggers Factory, they fix a minimum number of pre-order with different bigger goals, choose the time frame in which they will gather the pre-orders and the price of the vinyl they want to sell. They also have to choose the factory that will press their batch of vinyl records and how they will distribute them to the Diggers. The Digger Factory Teams will then study the project and decide if it is published on the platform. If the project is valid it is published on the platform in the "Production" section.

    Even if it isn't obligatory we strongly advise artists to have an artwork. Giving the Diggers a better idea of what they are paying for is a essential point as the vinyl is also about the beauty of the object.

    What happens if the goal isn't reached in time for original productions?

    The project has to reach at least 100% of the minimum stage to receive the Diggers contributions. If this isn't the case, the buyers are automatically reimbursed. The artist can then restart the pre-order campaign if the Digger Factory teams accept it or cancel the project.

    How does a pre-order campaign go on for repress projects?

    All users of the platform can suggest repress projects in the "Repress -Whishlist" section. If the project is followed and liked by a large part of the Diggers community, we will contact the label and have the project launched in the "Repress" section to enable the Diggers to pre-order. If you own the music and you want to reedit one of your albums or EPs, you can directly create a project in the "Repress" section. The artist defines the minimum vinyl record production, the time of campaign, price of the vinyl records and the partners of production and distribution. The vinyl is produced as soon as the goal is reached.

    What happens if the goal isn't reached in time for repress project?

    The project has to reach at least 100% of the minimum goal to receive the Diggers contributions. If this isn't the case, the buyers are automatically reimbursed. The artist can then restart the pre-order campaign if the Digger Factory teams accept it or cancel the project.

    How do the different stages work?

    During the creation of a project, the artist chooses 1 to 3 objectives that represent the sales goals to reach. Here is an example with 300 ,500 and 1000 pre-orders, to help you understand how these objectives work.

    • If the artist only sells 250 vinyl records at the end of the campaign: as the minimum objective (300) hasn't been reached all contributors are reimbursed and the vinyl record isn't produced.
    • If the artist sells 350 vinyl records at the end of the campaign: the first objective has been reached and the 300 first pre-orders will be distributed. The last 50 will be reimbursed.
    • If the artist only sells 700 vinyl records at the end of the campaign: the second goal has been reached and the first 500 pre-orders will be produced and distributed. the last 200 will be reimbursed.

    The different objectives permit the artist to adapt the production to the Diggers needs. It is important to notice that it isn't possible to surpass the third objective. If this one is reached the project is ended and the production is launched.

    How does Diggers Factory pay itself?

    Diggers Factory takes 20% when a pre-order campaign is successful. If the sales goal isn't reached before the deadline, the Diggers are reimbursed and Diggers Factory doesn't earn any income.

    Help for Diggers

    Is the subscription free?

    Yes it is completely free !

    How do I manage my profile?

    To have access to all functionalities offered by Diggers Factory you need to subscribe. If you don't have a Diggers Factory account click here to subscribe. After the subscription, your profile appears in the top right corner on the tab "My Profile". By clicking on this tab you will access the following functionalities:

    • « My profile » : your profile page will show you your profile, profile picture, your musical preferences, your followers and those you follow, the projects you have contributed to, liked and yours recent activities.
    • « Edit my profile » : you can, change the information on your profile. Don't forget to enter your postal address to receive your vinyl records.
    • « My Projects » : You can consult the project you have created on Diggers Factory. It is also possible to change some elements of a project running its course.
    • « My orders » : You have access to the list of the orders you have made on the platform, with all the vinyl records you will soon receive.
    • « Log out » : Click on this link to log out of the platform

    Why should you participate to a project?

    • To buy awesome vinyl records.
    • To help and support artists and label that struggle to survive in a very competitive market.
    • To be part of a human experience, an adventure.
    • To enable young artists to realize their dreams
    • To reduce the prices of vinyl records that are out of stock and avoid a 2nd hand sale that doesn't profit the artist.

    How can I contribute to a project?

    When you find an interesting project, you can click on the "Preorder" tab. You have to have an account to contribute to a project. It you still haven't subscribed to Diggers Factory, click here to create an account.

    You can also directly choose the vinyl on the right side of the project. The prices are written next to the product. It is important that you note that your money will be totally reimbursed if the objective isn't reached.

    We accept PayPal accounts and all credit cards, French and foreign:

    • Carte Bleue
    • Carte VISA
    • Carte MasterCard

    To assure safe online payments we work with our partner, PayPal, online platforms expert since 1998.

    What information must I give?

    Like any other online payments, you must fill a secure form by writing your credit card number, the expiration date and the security code. This information is only known by our partner PayPal. Diggers Factory never has access to your bank information.

    Can I cancel my contribution?

    It's possible to cancel a contribution to a project if it hasn't reached its official deadline.

    To cancel your preorder you only need to go in the tab "my orders", that you will find in the tab "my Profile" in the top right corner of the internet page. Then click on the link "Cancel" related to the preorder you want to cancel.

    When you cancel your contribution to a project, you will be automatically credited of the totality of your contribution in a delay of 48 hours.

    Can I contribute to different projects at the same time?

    Of course!

    How can I help artists reach their objectives?

    Financial support put aside, there are a lot of ways to help the artists. We have added different options available on the project pages:

    • You can like the project and show your support even if you can't support the artist financially. This action will permit you to receive notifications concerning the progression of the project. This is an essential action for the "Repress- Wishlist" because it shows labels how much the community wants a project to be launched.
    • You can share the project on social media. This action is very important to help the artist reach a bigger community.
    • You can follow an artist or a label. This action will permit you to stay aware of the activities of your favorite artists.

    Don't forget the best way to help an artist is to spread the word. May you be in the line at the clubs toilet, writing a new article for your blog or digging for a masterpiece in your neighborhood disk shop, don't forget to talk about it.

    How will I know when a project I'm following or I have contributed to has successfully ended?

    You will receive a notification directly on our platform. You will also receive an email to make sure you know. We will also post the successful projects on the Diggers Factory social media.

    Can my contributions be considered as an investment?

    No, Diggers Factory only offers a preorder system. You cannot be shareholder on the music or artist's products. The same work for the platform Diggers Factory. The Artists keep 100% of their rights on their project.

    How do I receive my preordered vinyl?

    You must fill up your delivery information on your profile. It is very important to add your address and name. this information isn't publicly shown and is kept private. Only Diggers Factory and the artist launching the project you contribute to will have access to this information. When you decide to give the information to Digger Factory you accept that it be given to artists and labels that need to send you your orders.

    To add your postal address, you need to go in "Edit Profile" and click on the tab "Delivery address".

    What must I do if I don't receive my order?

    The Project manager, artist or label, holds full responsibility of the delivery of the preorders. Diggers Factory is no more than a platform linking the artists and the fans. You can contact the project manager by private messages. If you have no response from the project manager, contact us and we'll do all we can to find a solution.

    Quel est l’intérêt des différents boutons que l’on retrouve sur les pages des projets?

    • You can like the project to show your support even if it's not with money. This button allow you to receive notifications to be aware about the news in the project. It's also an essential point for "Repress - Wishlist" project, to push and motivate labels to launch some vinyl repress.
    • You can share the project on social networks. It's an important action to help the artist and reach a bigger community.
    • You can follow an artist, a friend or a label. This action will allow you to be aware about news from their projects.

    Help for artists

    Who can launch a project?

    There is only one condition required to launch a project. The project manager needs to be over 18 years old to create a project a get funded. If you are younger you can still ask your parents to organize the project for you.

    What projects are eligible?

    There are two sorts of project validated by Diggers Factory.

    • Production projects: An artist decides to release a new and original album or EP
    • Repress projects: An artist or a Label decide to repress an album. If you don't own the right to the music you can still suggest a repress in the Wishlist.

    If you want to do a remix of a music that you don't own it is essential that you have the original artist's agreement before launching the project. Diggers Factory is not responsible if users use an artist's music illegally. Don't forget that you will need SDRM agreement to produce vinyl records. If your project is successful but your project is rejected by the SDRM, it will be complicated to comfort your disappointed fans.

    Do I own a 100% of my project?

    For the original production, you keep the totality of the rights and own the project 100%. Neither Diggers Factory or the contributors can take that away from you. It is your project and you have the entire responsibility of it. Needless to say that you have to own the music to launch a project or have the agreement of the original artists to do a remix. Don't forget the contribution are purchases not investments.

    For the Repress projects, the artists or the label are the only owners of the music. As a user of our platform you can suggest a Repress project on the Wishlist. If the Diggers back your suggestion we contact the label and suggest that they launch the project. If the artist or label agree and decide to launch the project you will find it in the Repress section.

    Does a project cost something?

    Launching a project is free. Diggers Factory takes 20% excl VAT if your project is successful.

    What do I need to launch a project?

    Before launching a project, you need to have a PayPal Account to enable you to receive the funds of your preorder campaign. Create one by clicking here.

    Why use PayPal?

    Before you launch a project you need to have a PayPal account to receive the funds of your preorder campaign. You can create a PayPal account by clicking here. There are three reasons that explain why we use PayPal:

    • International: PayPal is nearly the only company offering its services in 206 countries and 26 different currencies. Thanks to that any artist worldwide can fund his project.
    • Safety: The PayPal services are among the safest and keep you and your bank accounts secure. It also keeps your bank information secret (even Diggers Factory won't have access to them).
    • Costs: Using PayPal services there is no costs for reimbursements. So if the project fails the users are totally reimbursed.

    Which company must I choose for the production of my vinyl records?

    Diggers Factory suggest two options concerning the production of your vinyl records. You can choose the option that suits you the best. This choice is made during the "Partner" step of the project creation.

    • Wolfpack United : We strongly advise you to choose our exclusive partner, Wolfpack United, a French company that produces its vinyl records in the biggest vinyl factory of Europe, GZ Media. Wolfpack United is composed of a very serious, experimented and professional team. By choosing to work with Wolfpack United, you make sure you'll have high quality results, quick delivery and attractive prices. By choosing this option you are agreeing to work with Wolfpack United to produce your vinyl records if the project is successful. Our team will put you in touch with the Sales Director to launch the production in the right time.

      To establish the prices of your vinyl records, we recommend you check up their website to see the different options and ask a quote done. For example pressing 300 12" vinyl records with color sticker, cover and a white inner sleeve and 5 test pressings costs 1367,76€.

    • Auto-production : You can also choose another factory or another company. It is important for Diggers Factory that artists keep total freedom. It is your choice to work with another factory. Even so we strongly recommend that you work with Wolfpack United that are known for quality services and short delivery delays.

    Who sends the vinyl records to the Diggers?

    Diggers Factory suggest two options concerning the production of your vinyl records. You can choose the option that suits you the best. This choice is made during the "Partner" step of the project creation.

    • Wolfpack United : We strongly advise you choose our exclusive partner, Wolfpack United, a French company that produces its vinyl records in the biggest vinyl factory of Europe, GZ Media. Wolfpack United is composed of a very serious, experimented and professional team. By choosing to work with Wolfpack United, you make sure you'll have high quality results, quick delivery and attractive prices, especially if you choose to do the production and distribution with them. The diggers pay for the delivery costs so this option is completely free for you. However, if you choose only the Wolfpack United option for distribution and not for the production, you will have an additionnal cost of 100€.
    • Auto-distribution : If you want to choose another distribution solution it is your right. It is important for Diggers Factory that the artists have maximum liberty on the project. If you choose this option you are responsible of the distribution and must make sure the Diggers receive their packages in short delays. We strongly recommend you work with Wolfpack United for your distribution as they are known for their quality services and short delivery delays.

    Is there a minimum or maximum number of vinyl records for the stages?

    There is a minimum vinyl number for the first objective: 100 vinyl records. This is the smallest batch that factories will accept to produce. There is no maximum. The factories usually suggest 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000 pieces. We recommend you choose these quantities for your objectives, to ease the process. Don't forget to be reasonable and realistic in your objectives. Choose the objective in adequacy with your fan base. If it is your first production we recommend you take 100 vinyl records as first objective.

    Is there a minimum or maximum time a preorder campaign can last?

    On Diggers Factory your project must last between 20 days to 90 days. The average campaign lasts 45 days, but you decide how long your preorder campaign lasts.

    It's important to note that the longest preorder campaign aren't the most successful. Short campaigns are more dynamic and tend to have the diggers contribute in short delays. the important phases are the first and last days. It is your job to make the best out of these two phases.

    What does a project cost?

    When you choose a price for your vinyl's it is important that you take the following things in count:

    • The production costs (pressing, mastering, artwork, SDRM...)
    • the Diggers Factory's commission (20% excl VAT)
    • The taxes: You may have to pay the state a percentage.

    Don't forget that Diggers Factory takes 20% of the total contribution gathered by the preorder campaign (vinyl's and delivery costs).

    Why wasn't my project rejected?

    For original production project here are the reasons that could stop the project from happening: low quality of the production, too ambitious project, rights... The project creator must own the rights to his music.

    Diggers Factory accepts as much projects as possible to give variety to the Diggers and let them choose which project they would like to contribute to, but we keep the right to reject projects that do not fit in our standard of music.

    For the repress projects of the Wishlist, here are the reasons that could stop the project from happening: the project already exists, the label or artist doesn't want to do a repress on our platform.

    For the repress projects here are the reasons that could stop the project from happening: too ambitious project, rights problem. The project creator must own the rights to his music.

    Does the Diggers Factory advise the Project creator?

    Yes. Diggers Factory will advise you before you launch the project and are available for any question or advise that could help you during your preorder campaign.

    Can a project overcome the objective fixed at its creation?

    Yes. When you create your project you fix three objectives to allow you to increase the production if need be. It is not possible to overcome the third objective.

    What happens if the objectives aren't reached before the campaign's deadline?

    The projects must reach the minimum objective fixed at their creation for the project to be successful. If it doesn't the contributors are reimbursed, the project creator and Diggers Factory receive nothing.

    What compensation can I give the Diggers?

    The compensation must contain a vinyl. You can also add the digital version of the album with a download code.

    It is forbidden to offer financial compensations (interest on investments, reimbursements with interests, etc.) or reduction coupons.

    Can I change the information once the project is launched?

    Of course you can. Except for the following information you can change it all:

    • The sales objectives (3 stages)
    • The reward
    • The length of preorder campaign.

    Can I cancel a project that's running it's course?

    Yes you can. To do so, send an e-mail to our team and give us the reasons that push you to cancel the project. You must also send an e-mail to your contributors to explain why you cancel.

    If the project is canceled, the contributors are immediately reimbursed.

    How Can I have access to the info of my contributors?

    You'll have access to a database of your contributors in yours personal space as soon as your preorder campaign is successful. You will have in this database the name, last name, mail , postal address and number of vinyl records ordered by the contributor.

    How can I improve my project page?

    To have a performance project page and communication we advise you to fully complete your profile and project page. It can also be very interesting to add video to your project. It can be a video clip or a live video or even a video of you asking help to the Diggers. Our teams can also advise you at anytime, don't hesitate contacting us.

    Can I write the project in French and English?

    Not for the moment. If you can, we strongly advise you to write your description in English to reach out to a bigger public. But no worries you'll soon be able to write it in many languages.


    Is my information protected on Diggers Factory?

    Yes. Our politic is simple: we do not give your information to anyone without your consent. Only you choose the information you give us and we only use the information that is absolutely essential ( your name and postal address are only used to send your orders). Selling your information would go against the values of Diggers Factory. We work to share music, help and freedom. If you have any question do not hesitate getting in touch with our teams with the following email: support@diggersfactory.com. And do not worry this address is checked daily.

    Someone has stolen by account and usurped my identity, what must I do?

    If such a problem has happened, thanks to contact our teams as soon as possible at supportiggersfactory.com. We will do all that we can to solve this problem as quickly as possible.

    I've forgotten my password, what must I do?

    In the top right corner of the webpage when you click of "log in" you'll find a link "password forgotten". Your password will be sent by email to the address linked to your account.

    How can I stop the email notifications?

    In the top right corner of the website you will be able to access the "My Profile" tab, then "Edit my Profile". You can then select the notifications you want in the tab "Emails".

    How can I delete my account?

    On the top right corner of the website, you will have access to your parameters by clicking on "my Profile", "Edit my profile". Then click on the tab "my account" and "delete my account".

    Beware, the suppression of your account cannot be undone! Your password will be asked before we action the suppression.