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      Distribution and logistics are the final steps of our turnkey solution, from project creation to your living room turntable!

      Distributing your records.

      We’ve been working hard on developing a solid network of distribution partners all over the world; including major names like HHV, Vinyldigital or Juno Records to name a few. Our aim is to develop an alternative offer to standard record distribution, allowing purchasers to better estimate their needs thanks to our on-demand vinyl solution. All in all, we try to help music producers to better reach their audience, without harming the classic distribution channels.

      Besides, we collaborate with hundreds of independent record shops in cities like New York, Paris, Berlin, London or Tokyo. We choose our partners with care, and try to represent all music genres and styles; from hip-hop and indie-rock to jazz, reggae and techno. Passion for music and vinyl records is essential for all of us, and we’re proud to think that we help diggers and collectors to better connect and interact with each other!

      Shipping your records.

      In order to ensure top quality and fast shipping worldwide, we collaborate with Juno Records. Specialized in vinyl records delivery all around the globe, they provide high quality packaging and top-end shipment services. Your record will be well protected and carefully carried until it lands on your turntables!