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Vinyl records of the Week 01.20.2020

Vinyl records of the Week 01.20.2020

January 13, 2020

Focus on this week's projects with Between Sleeps, Mononeon and Manu Dibango!

Between Sleeps - Fantasia

Between Sleeps - Fantasia LP

Between Sleeps is a french producer based in Paris, passionate about sound design and synthesizers.
His stage name and musical world evoke the state of semi-consciousness, when neither awake nor asleep. With dreamy pads and strong rythms, his music mixes electronica, house and techno. Boards Of Canada, Lone or The Field are among his main influences.
All the tracks included in the EP have been composed with the same hardware set-up : a sampler, an FM synthesizer and a substractive analog synthesizer. Every track has been recorded in one stereo take.

Mononeon - My Feelings Be Peeling

Mononeon - My Feelings Be Peeling LP

Listen to MonoNeon’s new album!
“Working on the album My Feelings Be Peeling came to be when I wrote the song ‘Hot Cheetos’, producer IMAKEMADBEATS gave me that beat to play and sing on. I started working on new music for the album when two young free-spirited drummers, JD Beck and Sam Porter (aka RetroPMas) sent me some live drum tracks to write to. I also collaborated with Alissia Benveniste on ‘Under the Spell of You’, she created the drum programming on that song when I was playing around on guitar at her studio. On this album I’m pretty much just singing about being in love, existential crisis, and making life funny and funky through my personal bull crap. I suck at communicating with people, like actually talking to people about how I feel… so I write these little songs about my peeling feelings."

Manu Dibango - Waka Juju

Manu Dibango - Waka Juju LP

Reissue of the classic album from 1982!
Released in 1982, the album "Waka Juju" marks a return to Afrosound. We hear titles like "Douala Serenade" or "Ma Marie", a tribute to his wife.
"Waka juju" is an ode to juju, the traditional Yoruba music that has become Nigeria's most popular style.

January’s boxes

In the Discovery box

Iggy Pop & The Stooges - Death Trip

Iggy Pop & The Stooges - Death Trip LP

Death Trip by Iggy Pop & The Stooges is a mix of songs recorded in 1973
during rehearsals before the release of the famous and unmissable « Raw
Power ».
Here you will find and feel the raw energy of the Detroit’s Iguane and his famous
sidemen : the Asheton’s brothers (Ron on bass and Scott on drums), James
Williamson (on guitar) and accompanied at this time (1973-74) by Scott
Thurston on piano.

In the Masters of Jazz box

Duke Ellington - The Essential Works: 1928 - 1962

Duke Ellington - The Essential Works LP

Born in the 19 th century, Duke Ellington moved through the 20th either initiating or accompanying every modern phase that traversed the world of jazz. He began appearing at the Cotton Club in 1927, and went on to become no doubt one of that century's major jazz figures, recognized by both his peers and an audience that was immense. From the New Orleans style to the big bands of the swing era, from Swing itself to Bebop, and from the "Cool" to the modern jazz of Coltrane and Mingus, he composed and played with peerless musicians and made the transformation of jazz immortal, all in the course of a career lasting fifty years. His own orchestra made each phase tangible, and he composed a huge number of pieces for them. To those talents he added another: that of revealing, bringing to full bloom and giving new visibility to many, many musicians: Bubber Miley, Johnny Hodges, Cootie Williams, Rex Stewart, Ray Nance, Joe Nanton, Cat Anderson, Billy Strayhorn… The list goes on.
The four sides of this album — covering the period 1928-1962 — illustrate not only the path of the
composer and the career of the conductor, pianist and bandleader; they also show the evolution of jazz throughout fifty years.